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Themepark Profits Weak (plus a rant!)

Despite improved attendance numbers, apples to apples profit numbers reveal that the parks are having their worst years since the 80s. I’m sure the number crunchers up in Burbank have better models than me, but since you asked… the company is now reaping what it has sowed. The 90s were supposed to be the Disney Decade at the Themeparks. Instead we saw cuts in attraction budgets, a reliance on the cheaper (sometimes! remember the expensive mistake that was Light Magic) entertainment, cuts in training, and an across the board slashing of maintenance budgets. Not only has this resulted in death and injury at the theme parks, but it affected Disney brand as the top quality family entertainment vacation destination.

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Oedipus Pan

For a long time, Peter on the stage was played by a young woman in tights – the rump, as it were, of late Victorian theatre. A nubile woman in the role, with her frank appeal to the heterosexual adult tastes of the fathers in the house, obscured the difficult matters of child sexuality, sibling… Read More »Oedipus Pan

Disneyland: The Nickel Tour Update

Update: Looks like Amazon is out of stock on this item. I’ll try to find out if there is a supply of these books out there anywhere. The untimely death of David Mumford, one half of the authorship and part owner of Camphor Tree Publishing, has made these books quite scarce. It might be a… Read More »Disneyland: The Nickel Tour Update

Disneyland Sued again for Big Thunder Accident

A woman who suffered back injuries last year in a fatal crash at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has sued the Walt Disney Co.. The suit, filed Nov. 18 in Orange County Superior Court by attorney Fred Nameth, alleges negligence. It also alleges that the ride’s design is defective and that Disney continues to engage… Read More »Disneyland Sued again for Big Thunder Accident

Lindsay Lohan Blog – VII

"I was overtired and working myself to death," Lohan, 18, tells Jane magazine. "When you’re young, you think you can just keep going and going." Lohan opens up to E entertainment. It’s tough being a drama queen sometimes.

Haunted Mansion, to die for?

How much would you pay to have your tombstone enshrined at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion? Does $16,950.00 sound like too much? If not, head on over to eBay and bid on your chance to be the mansion’s 1000th ghost. (Actual death not required.) Btw, it’s for a good cause too, The Boys and Girls Club. So… Read More »Haunted Mansion, to die for?

Disneyland Sued for Wrongful Death

The parents of the man killed on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are suing the park for wrongful death. Additional lawsuits were filed Tuesday on behalf of a friend of Torres and five members of a family who allege they also were injured in the accident. Now, it is in the nature of a thrill ride… Read More »Disneyland Sued for Wrongful Death