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Sheriff investigating possible rape at Downtown Disney

An incident report filed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office indicates an investigation into a possible rape and sexual battery at Downtown Disney sometime in the early morning on Thursday. The victim and her roommate had attended the House of Blues for some dancing, but… Read More »Sheriff investigating possible rape at Downtown Disney

Fake Disneyland Tickets on Craigslist

Alisa Yenokyan, a 22 year old woman from Hollywood was arrested last week for allegedly selling fake Disneyland tickets she advertised on Craigslist to unsuspecting buyers. Dozens of families were duped and didn’t even realize it until they arrived at the theme park and were… Read More »Fake Disneyland Tickets on Craigslist

Bus Hostage Situation Ends at Downtown Disney

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that authorities are currently looking for a man who took a Tour Bus driver hostage and forced her to drive him to Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World where he disappeared into the crowd. There’s no exact time mentioned in… Read More »Bus Hostage Situation Ends at Downtown Disney

Bad Cast Member

A couple bad apples (well, accused bad apples) in the crazy bunch of cast members over at Walt Disney World this week. First a Disney Photopass Specialist was arrested and accused of having child porn on his computer. So you’re telling me that on a… Read More »Bad Cast Member