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Bad Cast Member

A couple bad apples (well, accused bad apples) in the crazy bunch of cast members over at Walt Disney World this week.

First a Disney Photopass Specialist was arrested and accused of having child porn on his computer. So you’re telling me that on a typical day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios the gentleman behind the camera might have had other things on his mind? ew.

Now a Hotel Manager at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been accused of stealing a guest’s credit card and then charging $1200 on it. His excuse, he was authorized to use the card. Um, sure.

These sorts of stories are bound to happen when you employ 60,000. But still Disney can’t be thrilled with the news coverage. Will these stories change your behavior on your next trip to the parks?

3 thoughts on “Bad Cast Member”

  1. Yes, it will definitely change my behavior. Next time I visit a Disney theme park, I will don a mobile bubble-suit. If I suspect that one of their employees is evil, I will run around like a mad man until this person is arrested.

    …or not. Really, is it that slow of a news day?

  2. Ditto. Anyone born after 1960 who actually thinks 1 in 30,000 are bad odds needs their head examined. Hell, I’m actually impressed with Disney for this one. Some workplaces I go to, I feel like the chances that the people I encounter have some sort of problem are like… 1 in, well, 1. ;)

  3. Meh. The photographer thing doesn’t surprise me much, since I’m sure scouring personal computers prior to hiring isn’t part of their procedure.

    But a manager? I don’t totally trust just everyone working at Disney since so many of the employees seem to be there because it’s “a job”, but I would expect more from a manager. And really, is $1200 worth losing your job over? Some people just don’t think.

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