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First Candlelight Processional Narrators for 2014 Announced

With Candlelight Processional dinner packages now available for booking, Disney has released a partial list of performers for this year’s concert. If you’ve never been to the event, it is basically a re-telling of the Christmas story with a celebrity narrator and festive holiday music… Read More »First Candlelight Processional Narrators for 2014 Announced

Voice of Liberty soon to ring out at Disneyland

In what is perhaps the biggest “What took them so long?” moment of the decade, Disney has decided to position a version of its 8-part a capella group “Voices of Liberty” at Disneyland. This prestigious group calls the rotunda of EPCOT’s American Pavilion home and… Read More »Voice of Liberty soon to ring out at Disneyland

Videopolis – UMass Doo Wop Shop sings Disney Medley

A familiar medley from a different group is this week’s Videopolis. You gotta watch, at least for the first minute. After that you’ll be hooked. I love me some acapella performances. If you have any nominations for Videopolis, please let me know in the comments.


Once upon a time I belonged to a Men’s Octet group. I may still be performing if we’d been encouraged to do stuff as cool as the UC Berkely Men’s Octet is performing. Check out their interpretation of the most famous of Disney words –… Read More »Supercalifragisticexpalid-octet

Candlelight Processional Narrators announced

Neil Patrick Harris (aka NPH) narrates at the 2008 Candlelight Processional From fifth grade into college I spent much of my free time performing in a choir event of some sort. The holidays were our busiest times, of course, I was always on stage performing… Read More »Candlelight Processional Narrators announced

Epcot Candlelight Narrator Holiday Memories

Celebrity narrators of the 2008 Candlelight Procession at Epcot share their favorite holiday memories. The Candlelight Processional at Epcot is a Walt Disney World Resort holiday tradition; a telling of the Christmas story featuring celebrity narrators, a mass choir and a 50-piece orchestra. Hear memories… Read More »Epcot Candlelight Narrator Holiday Memories