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25 Days of Christmas begins today on Freeform

Time to clear up some space on the old DVR. It’s the 20th year for Chrismas Cheer as Freeform (formerly ABC Family) kicks off “25 Days of Christmas,” cable’s biggest programming event of the year. The 25 continuous days of holiday-themed entertainment for the whole… Read More »25 Days of Christmas begins today on Freeform

What ESPN Tells us about Disney’s Future

If you want to see the Disney Company succeed you might want to hold off on supporting that unbundling proposal or cutting the cord from your cable system. Disney’s fortunes have become almost inextricably tied to the success of ESPN and its related networks. In… Read More »What ESPN Tells us about Disney’s Future

ESPN The Weekend Canceled

I’m at a bit of a loss to wrap my mind around this announcement made on the Disney Parks blog today — ESPN The Weekend has been canceled. The message from Darrell Fry, Sports Media Director at Walt Disney World, claims that Disney wants to… Read More »ESPN The Weekend Canceled

Viacom Takes the Lead in Planning a New Pay TV Channel

A couple years back, Sumner Redstone’s National Amusements split Viacom (parent company of Paramount Pictures) from CBS.  Now it looks like Viacom and CBS will compete in one more area. Kenneth LiMon reports for Reuters/Nielsen. Sumner Redstone’s Viacom Inc will launch a premium TV and… Read More »Viacom Takes the Lead in Planning a New Pay TV Channel

Netflix Delivering Straight to Television

Michael Liedtke, AP Business Writer, says that Netflix is going to deliver movies directly to televisions. DVD-by-mail service Netflix Inc. will begin delivering movies and other programming directly to televisions later this year through a set-top box that will pipe entertainment over a high-speed Internet connection. The set-top box, to be made by LG Electronics… Read More »Netflix Delivering Straight to Television

Shameless Plug – Part Deux

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The second of three parts to my latest Kenversation(TM) column is up at  The first part is here. In this part of the column, I talk about the big recent changes and trends in cinema, home viewing of feature films, DVDs, cable television, telecom, broadcast television networks, radio, and record companies – all of… Read More »Shameless Plug – Part Deux