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Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up

Ah-ha! We know what it is. The Orlando Sentinel was first to break the news that the mysterious device that shut down the entire Disney World Transportation Bus System was a harmless tire pressure monitor with remote monitoring capabilities. This device was installed by Disney… Read More »Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up

Downtown Disney ‘bomb’ likely just a prank

More details have emerged concerning the recent small explosion in a trash can in a parking lot area of Walt Disney World Resort’s Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district. Looks like it’s nothing to worry about for now. What does worry me is the safety of Disney Employees, especially the custodial workers who would be… Read More »Downtown Disney ‘bomb’ likely just a prank

Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

There are reports that Disney Cast Members are now searching monorails for abandoned packages. It’s nice to know they’re doing this on the monorails and, I hope, the trains/buses/boats that also transport guests around the Walt Disney World property. A few years ago I was riding the train at Disneyland and boarded an empty car… Read More »Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

The Incredibles, a review

The Incredibles, a review
Theatrical Release: November 5, 2004 / Running Time: 115 Minutes / Rating: PG

Pixar has been batting 1000 with their animated feature films until now. Without being formulaic, the creative minds in Emeryville have managed to hit upon the recipe for fantastic success with each new release. The Incredibles is the least formulaic feature yet and likely to be the most successful.

Not content to stand on their successes of the past, Pixar brought in the team from the new classic animated film, The Iron Giant. Director Brad Bird and his team of storytellers and artists admittedly had little to no experience with computer generated animation, Pixar’s specialty. This meant they had no idea of the limits of the media and were able to push the boundaries of CG animation to new and exciting places.

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Reverse Engineering Disneyland’s Monorail Orange

Disneyland’s celebrated Monorail fleet has served the park well since 1959. We’re currently on the Mark V, the third version to be used at Disneyland. Mark VI is currently in use at WDW. But the years have taken their toll on the fleet and its time for another upgrade to the system. Last year the… Read More »Reverse Engineering Disneyland’s Monorail Orange