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Eat Disney at home! Blue Bayou’s Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe

If there’s one dish that is synonymous with the Blue Bayou restaurant inside Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, it’s the Monte Cristo Sandwich. The southern classic is perfectly themed to the stately mansion that looks out over the Louisiana bayou set in a constant… Read More »Eat Disney at home! Blue Bayou’s Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe

Blue Bayou Memories


Early Disneyland food options were limited mostly to carnival food and chicken dinners. Most of the restaurants were run by third party operators that Walt had brought in when he ran short of money building the park. These food locations often competed against each other to attract guests and gave park management an awful time trying to control quality and service.

One operator, Don DeFore, ran the Silver Banjo Restaurant. It was located in a small part of Frontierland and DeFore felt it was too hard for guests to find. To help attract guests, he would boil onions and blow out the smell with a fan. He even went as far as creating a sandwich board sign which he placed out on the main walk way. It all infuriated Walt who thought the signs and smells cheapened his park.

This led Walt to take over all the food operations, a move which he accomplished by 1965. He also decided Disneyland would up its game with the addition of a restaurant attached to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction he was building. This restaurant would help convince the public that top quality dining experience could be had in the park.
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