Part of the new Fantasyland expansion is a real world version of Gaston’s Tavern from Beauty & The Beast. While the food offerings are basically a glorified food cart, the interior feels very much like it is part of the movie. I do have some quibbles, the animal trophies are all too small and there wasn’t enough seating, but there are indeed antlers in all of his decorating and lots of little touches and nods from and to the film.

I do like the Pork Shank instead of a Turkey Leg. Nice touch.

Photos of more details below the jump:

The Beauty and the Beast themed Be Our Guest restaurant promises to add a whole new dimension of immersive story telling as guests get the chance to be right in the memorable ballroom scene where Belle and the Beast danced together from the classic Disney animated film. Here’s a sneak peek inside the Be Our Guest ballroom with a look at the Chandeliers that will occupy much of the overhead space in the room.

The three chandeliers hang in the main dining room, the largest measuring twelve feet in length and eleven feet across with 80 lights and 100 large crystals. The two smaller chandeliers on each side measure 9.5 feet in length and eight feet across with 50 lights each. The trio of chandeliers are inspired by ones seen in the dining room in Beast’s Castle.

Have a long photo update from Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World this week. At least two parts, possibly three. So let’s get right to it.

Click to Embiggen. Cinderella Castle is looking particularly lovely after the holiday lights have been removed and some touch up done. But what really has my attention is in the lower right corner.

Click to Embiggen. The serpent is in extra fine form. Love how the blue flowers make that water effect. Trivia Question: At what resort in Orlando can you find another Disney serpent?