Sixth Baby Elephant Brings Cuteness and Joy to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Once again Disney’s Animal Kingdom has wowed us with cuteness and impressed us with the power of conservation. A new 311 pound baby elephant joined the park’s African elephant herd on Wednesday. Disney’s team of animal care professionals play an important part in protecting this endangered species and a new calf will help sustain the elephant population.

This is the sixth elephant born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The others are:

  • Tufani, a male, born in 2003;
  • Kianga, a female, born in 2004;
  • Nadirah a female, born in 2005;
  • Tsavo, a male, born in 2008; and
  • Luna, a female born 2010.

Watching young animals frolic on the savannah is always one of the highlights of Kilimanjaro Safaris. So I predict a lot of rides in my future.

More details, baby elephant facts, and another photo below the jump:

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Disney’s Animal Care Chief elected VP at AZA

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Disney Animal Researchers discover Elephant Warning Call

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Inside the new Manta Aquarium with SeaWorld’s Curator


Along with the new flying roller coaster Manta comes a huge new aquarium that features hundreds of sea critters from rays (as you would expect) to beautiful dragon fish (a relative of the seahorse). I got the chance to speak to SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquarium Curator Gary Violetta and ask him a few questions.

Violetta is a SeaWorld veteran of more than 24 years. As Curator he is responsible for the health and physical care of the more than 3,000 animals found in the Manta exhibit. He manages aquarium exhibits and attractions and is responsible for the care of all sharks, eels, stingrays, alligators, and fish throughout the park. A former curator of fishes at SeaWorld San Antonio, Violetta began his SeaWorld career in 1977. He is a member of the American Zoo and Aquarium association.


Click below the cut to listen to the embedded MP3 and see a few more photos from the exhibit:

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SeaWorld Orlando Baby Otters

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