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american idol

Around the Hub – Disney News and Links

Debuting a new name for these little news and link roundups. The ‘Hub’ is the center of Walt Disney’s revolutionary Hub and Spoke themepark design. It’s also shorthand for where people in the know congregate, aka, the hub of activity. Remember that “musical marriage proposal”… Read More »Around the Hub – Disney News and Links

Kris Allen, American Idol, performing at Disney’s Hollywod Studios

Here’s a first look and listen at American Idol winner Kris Allen performing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in front of the American Idol Experience Attraction for his adoring fans. He’s singing “Heartless.” Sorry for the video image quality, but blame my mobile phone for that,… Read More »Kris Allen, American Idol, performing at Disney’s Hollywod Studios

Kris Allen at Disney World this Friday May 29th

Update: Disney has confirmed the 10AM motorcade and a 10:15AM Fan Q&A outside the American Idol Experience attraction. Better get their early if you want a front row to the Kris Allen mania! American Idol winner Kris Allen is making good on his promise to… Read More »Kris Allen at Disney World this Friday May 29th

Disney World Moms at American Idol Experience

If you haven’t heard or seen enough of Disney’s American Idol Experience Gala Premiere, a new video featuring two of the talented Moms from Disney’s Moms Panel has just been released. I think it’s great the way Disney is using the Disney Moms group for… Read More »Disney World Moms at American Idol Experience

American Idol Experience – Backstage Video

This is the first video, not shot by Disney, I’ve seen of the backstage areas of the American Idol Experience. These are the areas that only guests who successfully pass the 30-second a cappella audition and the producer’s requirements ever see. But now thanks to… Read More »American Idol Experience – Backstage Video

Even More American Idol Experience…


There’s still more news coming from Disney’s American Idol Experience this week. A commercial for the attraction ran during tonight’s airing of American Idol. The tagline was “You can be part of the next Cinderella Story”, which is the same message they’re using on billboards around town.

I like the theme of the commercial, although I found some of the technical parts of it less than inspiring. I’m expecting dozens of people lining up each morning for expressly to have a chance at their Cinderella story in the attraction.

A Winners List

Tonight marked the fourth night of public performances of the show and the fifth Dream Ticket awarded. I have the names of three of those Dream Ticket holders and have started a list in an attempt to collect all of them going forward. If the winner so chooses, they can then provide me links to their YouTube, MySpace, or other internet pages for a chance at growing a following before they even get to the real auditions for the television show.

I’m counting on you readers to help me build this list as I can’t be there every night (although it may seem that way sometimes). The winners name and their song would be excellent.

The F. A. Q.’s

Finally, click below the link for a great list of Facts and Trivia from The American Idol Experience

Read More »Even More American Idol Experience…