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Disney News – The Morning Report

Catching up with what you may have missed yesterday

The LA Times questions Bob Iger’s focus on the franchise strategy. I think they may have something there.

Progress City, USA returns to the story behind “project future”, what would eventually become Walt Disney World
. There’s a whole book about Project Future coming out soon. More details coming as soon as I get them.

I shared an Esquire story about Roger Ebert on Twitter the other day. Techdirt highlights one of the story’s more powerful moments and it doesn’t put Disney in a good light.

The Orlando Sentinel highlights which contestants from Central Florida have made it onto American Idol. I’m still trying to find out if anyone who won a dream ticket at the American Idol Experience at DHS made it to Hollywood or the final 24.

It’s been 24 years since Circus World closed down. Now it’s a strip mall. If you have fond memories or were involved in the theme park, read about the reunion that’s coming up on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Disney News – The Morning Report”

  1. I believe at least one person from AI Experience is in the final 24. I read about that from the TV blog on the Orange County Register’s website “Pedro and the Watcher” – it links to a blog with spoilers that listed the top 24 for weeks now, including snippets of their background.

  2. I remember visiting Circus World as a kid. I remember riding the Florida Hurricane and I even had a t-shirt from it too. Great coaster!

  3. um, what i said yesterday about the images showing up fine on the livejournal syndicated feed? scratch that–they’re back to not showing up again, and it’s pretty annoying since i get a “broken image” for every single little digg/reddit/facebook icon at the bottom of each post, which breaks the page i’m reading the feed on.

    i’m not sure if this problem is limited to the livejournal feed, or if other feeds are behaving the same way, but i just thought i’d let you know anyhow.

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