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Disney News – The Morning Report

Catching up with what you may have missed yesterday

The LA Times questions Bob Iger’s focus on the franchise strategy. I think they may have something there.

Progress City, USA returns to the story behind “project future”, what would eventually become Walt Disney World
. There’s a whole book about Project Future coming out soon. More details coming as soon as I get them.

I shared an Esquire story about Roger Ebert on Twitter the other day. Techdirt highlights one of the story’s more powerful moments and it doesn’t put Disney in a good light.

The Orlando Sentinel highlights which contestants from Central Florida have made it onto American Idol. I’m still trying to find out if anyone who won a dream ticket at the American Idol Experience at DHS made it to Hollywood or the final 24.

It’s been 24 years since Circus World closed down. Now it’s a strip mall. If you have fond memories or were involved in the theme park, read about the reunion that’s coming up on Friday.