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Disney’s American Idol Experience Ends August 30th

If you haven’t heard, sinking interest in American Idol sunk the American Idol Experience attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney previously said it would close in January 2015, but news is out from cast members that they’ve been told Saturday August 30th will be their… Read More »Disney’s American Idol Experience Ends August 30th

American Idol Experience to close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Over the weekend news broke that the caste of the American Idol Experience had been informed their show would be canceled early next year. Lower ratings on the TV show have resulted in low guest interest in the park attraction. However, managers are considering promotions like bringing back the popular American Idol Experience Junior Edition where kids 9-14 get their chance to perform before the January bow.

Walt Disney World and American Idol producers released this statement:

“After more than five successful years, The American Idol Experience will be coming to a close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in January 2015. Our partnership with FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment has been a great addition to the park and we are very appreciative of the amazing cast and guests who have devoted their time and talent to make this experience special and memorable. We are incredibly proud of the more than 2,000 Dream Tickets that have given guests a chance to live their very own Cinderella story and audition for ‘American Idol’. This past season alone, three of the Top 13 contestants were originally discovered through The American Idol Experience and we expect the attraction to continue providing top contestants for ‘American Idol’ XIV in the coming year.”

The cast and crew of American Idol Experience worked hard to produce what I considered a great show. But its time was always going to be limited.

Follow me below the jump for a few more juicy rumors:

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American Idol Experience Opens to Junior Performers for Limited Time Magic


The Walt Disney Company has a long tradition of supporting youth performers, from the original Mickey Mouse Club showcasing some of Hollywood’s best talent to Magic Music Days giving school kids the chance to perform in a Disney theme park. For one week during its Limited Time Magic promotion, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is extending that idea to the American Idol Experience.

The age limit for performing at American Idol Experience has always been tied to the TV shows eligibility requirements. If the winner got a dream ticket they couldn’t use, that would make no sense right?

From August 12-18, Disney will have one Juniors Show, where contestants aged 6-13 can perform. They won’t get a dream ticket, but they will get an amazing experience.

The special taste of showbiz will begin with an audition in front of a Disney producer, just like the regular show. The three contestants chosen for the Juniors Show will get a Hollywood-style showbiz treatment including cosmetology, a vocal training session and walk-through rehearsal before taking the stage in front of the live audience. The three finalists will also get feedback from the panel of judges. It’s not mentioned if the audience will vote for a winner or if some other ending will be involved.

If your child wants to enter, we’ve included the list of songs choices below the jump. Better get rehearsing right away.

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American Idol Experience Updates Song List

I’ll admit that I’m a casual fan of American Idol, okay maybe more than a casual fan. There’s something wonderful about a rags to riches story. Yes, I know that the story is heavily scripted by producers and, yes, I know that this season’s choices… Read More »American Idol Experience Updates Song List

Sean Klitzner’s Interactive Disney’s Hollywood Studios Visit

Comedian Sean Klitzner, whom you may remember from his stint hosting the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, has produced this nifty little YouTube interactive tour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s sort of choose your own adventure style: Nice to see Sean back from… Read More »Sean Klitzner’s Interactive Disney’s Hollywood Studios Visit