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TRON: Legacy Billboard Adorns Sunset Blvd

Drivers along Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard can welcome one more eye-catching advertisement to the roster of billboards along the world famous road. This TRON: Legacy billboard even lights up the night for some extra excitement. TRON: Legacy opens in theaters near you and at participating Disney… Read More »TRON: Legacy Billboard Adorns Sunset Blvd

Tron-o-Rail a divider, not a uniter?

Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel looks into how the new Tron-o-Rail is dividing fans over its value as a marketing tool for Tron Legacy. I still haven’t seen the actual monorails in person (that’s my goal this weekend), but I have seen the videos.… Read More »Tron-o-Rail a divider, not a uniter?

Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

Orlando Attractions Magazine has scored some of the first video of the newly wrapped Monorail advertising for Disney’s upcoming film TRON Legacy. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it: Now, some people have been complaining about this being a blatant ad that takes… Read More »Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

Werther’s Candy Ad filmed at EPCOT

As a kid, one of the joys of visiting my grandparents was knowing I would be offered a Werther’s butterscotch candy from the bowl beside my grandfather’s favorite chair. I’ve never lost that love of Werther’s and fully intend to have my own bowl to… Read More »Werther’s Candy Ad filmed at EPCOT

Fallen Princesses

A few years ago Disney Parks hired Annie Leibovitz to turn her photographers eye on Disney’s famous characters for use in an advertising campaign for the theme parks. Leibovitz took celebrities and put them in the role of those characters and a very popular campaign… Read More »Fallen Princesses

The Disney Parks Confusion

Here is a math question for all of you, taken directly from “Fundamentals
of Probability with Stochastic Processes” by Saeed Ghahramani, Dean of the
School of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Mathematics at Western New England

A child gets lost in the Disneyland at the Epcot Center in Florida. The
father of the child believes that the probability of his being lost in the east
wing of the center is 0.75 and in the west wing is 0.25. The security
department sends an office to the east and an officer to the west to look for
the child. If the probability that a security officer who is looking in the
correct wing finds the child is 0.4, find the probability the child is found.

Read the first line again. Consider the references to the
layout of Epcot. Not good is it?

Read More »The Disney Parks Confusion