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Fallen Princesses

A few years ago Disney Parks hired Annie Leibovitz to turn her photographers eye on Disney’s famous characters for use in an advertising campaign for the theme parks. Leibovitz took celebrities and put them in the role of those characters and a very popular campaign was born.

Take for instance this vignette of Rachel Weisz as Snow White.

Rachel Weisz by Annie Leibovitz

Here is Snow White in her most idolized scene joined with nature. But what would happen if Disney’s princesses were placed in the real world situations that would result from the conclusion of their stories? You might instead end up with something like this:


‘Snowy’ is part of the ongoing Fallen Princesses project from photographer Dina Goldstein. It’s deservedly been winning awards.

Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine (as a desert warrior), and Belle (not for the squimish) are among those who get the treatment. But my favorite is this shot of Rapunzel (a feature animation movie of Rapunzel is in progress at Disney right now) in the hospital as a cancer patient. It captures perfectly what must be a very poignant moment for cancer patients who have lost their hair.

4 thoughts on “Fallen Princesses”

  1. Wow … well done. Totally different twist. (Not a big fan of the Disney photos by Leibovitz. Seemed silly. Much money spent on an ad campaign that to me didn’t serve a purpose – other than a paycheck for the photographer.)

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  3. I actually thought the Rapunzel one was kind of a low blow. That was my least favorite. But I loved the Jasmine one.

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