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EPCOT’s World of Motion – Ultimate Fan Tribute Video

By the time I made it to Walt Disney World for the first time in 1997, World of Motion in the Transportation pavilion had already been converted into Test Track. (And Sadly Horizons was closed temporarily.) But now, thanks to Martin Smith of Martin’s Vids,… Read More »EPCOT’s World of Motion – Ultimate Fan Tribute Video

Spaceship Earth Dedication

AT&T Archives has uploaded footage from 1982 of the dedication of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Center. AT&T President William Ellinghaus gives a speech, there’s some great promotional footage, footage of “futurecom” that I’ve never seen, and Card Walker (Chair of Walt Disney Productions at the… Read More »Spaceship Earth Dedication

TRON Revisited (again)

Just yesterday we had a retro take on a trailer for the original Walt Disney film TRON. Now we have a modern take on the now visually retro feeling original film. But after you watch this trailer you’ll be ready to head out to the… Read More »TRON Revisited (again)

Cardboard Tron

Tron by freres-hueon This is some amazing piece of film work by the brothers Hueon. It remakes the classic light-cycle duel from Disney’s 1982 classic film TRON, but with a twist. That twist is stop motion animation using paper and cardboard to recreate the duel.… Read More »Cardboard Tron