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EPCOT’s World of Motion – Ultimate Fan Tribute Video

By the time I made it to Walt Disney World for the first time in 1997, World of Motion in the Transportation pavilion had already been converted into Test Track. (And Sadly Horizons was closed temporarily.) But now, thanks to Martin Smith of Martin’s Vids, you can now experience the ultimate fan tribute to World of Motion with historical and construction details plus a complete ride through.

Martin has edited together a wonderful compilation of audio tracks and wonderfully clear visuals to complete the experience.

Oh, you wacky Imagineers. I can see why Disney ended up closing the attraction in favor of something with a little less whimsy and a little more specifically about motor vehicles. I do wish they’d bring back more of those concept cars to the post show though. Those were great.

That said, it does seem to work well as a companion piece to Space Ship Earth. I just don’t see Disney making these 30+ minute long omnimover attraction experiences right now. The attention span of the average guest has grown significantly shorter. Maybe some new technology will come along that will make 30+ minute storytelling compelling again.

World of Motion entertained guests from EPCOT’s grand opening through January 2, 1996. Do you have memories of the World of Motion pavilion at EPCOT?

2 thoughts on “EPCOT’s World of Motion – Ultimate Fan Tribute Video”

  1. I still miss World of Motion to this day and have never been too impressed by Test Track. I can still recall the anticipation as you boarded and spiraled around the column on the exterior. A true classic. The recent overlay on Test Track is a true disappointment.

  2. I have fond memories of World of Motion, as well as Horizons, from my first WDW visits in the early Nineties.
    I love long rides, and both of those were outstanding in that area.
    However, sometimes nostalgia gets in the way and builds things up to be greater than they actually we’re. I think World Of Motion might fall into that category.
    It really did drag at times…..something I certainly don’t feel about Test Track.
    Just my opinion, but I feel Test Track (both versions) is vastly superior.

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