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Hurricane Charley WDW Update

Deb Wills excellent AllEarsNet has the update on the park’s reaction to Charley. — All four theme parks will offer Extra Magic Hour to Resort Guests beginning at 8am on August 13. World Showcase at Epcot will open at 10am. Visit the parks early as that will be the best part of the day weather-wise.… Read More »Hurricane Charley WDW Update

Personal History of Silicon Valley’s Entertainment Mecca

Habitat is one of the first good “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games” (MMORPGs). Be warned though they’re more addictive than crack. Chip Morningstar, co-creator of Habitat, posts a personal history of The Birth of Habitat (with Many Digressions on the Early History of Lucasfilm Games and All That). One of those digressions includes an… Read More »Personal History of Silicon Valley’s Entertainment Mecca

Hurricane Warning and Evacuations

Gov. Jeb Bush warned Floridians that Hurricane Charley could bring high winds, water and possible tornadoes to a large section of the state, from Tampa Bay to Orlando to Jacksonville. Winds are at 105 MPH with higher gusts and the storm could pick up strength as it approaches the coast Friday morning. Friday classes are… Read More »Hurricane Warning and Evacuations

Charley’s Florida Trip

People have been wondering what Disney will do if Hurricane Charley comes ashore and Orlando is in its path. If Charley strays below a catagory 1 Hurricane as it passes the Orlando area look for Disney to batten down the hatches, but not to close the gates. Any outside attraction or tented show will likely… Read More »Charley’s Florida Trip

Pixar Pundit

Remember last week when I suggested that Pixar was a good buy prior to the release of its 3Q profit numbers. Well now I’m not alone. They’re setting a target price $15 above current levels too. ( great hand drawn promotional poster of The Incredibles from Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy).)

Famous Dog killed by float, Disney fined.

Deaths at a Disney themepark are really very very rare. They are almost always caused by a guest doing something they weren’t supposed to do (walk on the monorail beam, stand up in the Matterhorn, stay on Tom Sawyer Island overnight, etc) or by a cast member having an accident. So it was with terrible… Read More »Famous Dog killed by float, Disney fined.