Cars will hit showroom later than anticipated

Disney and Pixar announced today that next year’s fall flick Cars will be moved from its original November 2005 release date to a new date of June 2006. On it’s face the move makes perfect sense. Cars is shaping up to be a fun summer flick, the kind Disney has been know for over all these years. However, I suspect that there is an ulterior motive for this move.

Disney’s first foray into computer generated animation (well, not counting Dinosaur) Chicken Little is rumored to be having some problems (although this can be said of many films). Chicken Little was originally penciled in for a Summer 2005 release date, With Cars out of the way, it’s now clear for Disney to push back the release of Chicken Little and safely get some more work done on retooling the picture.

If it happens, remember you heard it here first.