Dinner with TV hunk Ty Pennington

Ever wanted to dine with ABC Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition host Ty Pennington? Well now’s your chance. Disney and Sears Charity Auctions has listed a dinner event on eBay with all the proceeds going to the National Military Family Association. The price is already over $11,200.00 with over a day left in the auction. If that’s a little out of your price range you can always bid on Ty’s jacket from the show (currently at $1800+). (via Luxist)

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  2. Ty, i love how you help people you don’t even know. You are so inspirational to me. I am writing an essay for school about you

    heart ya bunches


  3. Chrisitna Daniels

    Hello Ty I know that this is not the right website to say what I’m about to say but I cant seem to find the real one. so hopefully you’ll read this one. Ty I know that you are use to helping people that have had a hard tiome in the past, and maybe my grandma hasn’t been through as much as the other ghuessed but I know my grandma deserves a house. My grandma is an angel in disguise and she 58 years old with a bad case of painful artherritus. My grandmother lives in Atlanta And her momo lives in Lithonia which is 30 minutes away from each other. Every day my grandma travels 30 min to her moms house and cleans there house and help us with our homework and take us places that we need to go.even when she feels pain like no other, she keeps on goin, and i admire her for that. No matter what she is like the center of the family every one calls her to do things for them and liottle do they know that she is in alot of pain. She loves GOd with all of her heart and she loves her grandchildren. While being an angel and taking care of every one else her house is onot being taking care of. And even if she is home she has to get right back out of her house to take us places and she can’t afford to buy me a car and she cant afford to fix her house up ,and she hates to ask people for help. she an independent angel. I know this is not such a said story but Mr. Ty I need you to help me make my grandmas dream come true and help her find a house near her mothers so she wont have to travel so far from home evry day. My grandmother is a queen and an angel and deserves to be living like one please help my dream come true I love my grandma so much and dont want to see her suffer shes like my best friend and a good person all together she doesn’t have long in this world if she keeps traveling so mush and not having enough money to pay bills and fix the house up. Shes a retired state employeer. and i love her to death please consider this and grant my wish. love, Christina

  4. I would like to have Ty Pennington email my grandson. Stephan is adhd, and has had a really hard life. Ty is his hero. He wants to be a carpenter, and also design and create the worlds hardest video game. Stephan is 12 years old and would be just thrilled to hear from his hero.

  5. Ty, I watch two shows only faithfully. One is CSI and the other is Extreme home makeover: home edition. I’ve seen on the internet on your info that you have ADHD. My 13 year-old daughter has it and takes medication as well. The medication does work; I’ve seen my daughter off and on medication and there is a big difference. I love the good deeds you do for the people who need it the most. You seem to have an open and loving heart to all people. Keep up the good work and don’t ever change who you are, because God made you perfect in his eyes and for all the people who you help. Maybe, you’ll do my parent’s house when I get a chance to send in an application. God bless you and your whole crew of good people.

  6. hi ya ty ,first of all you have a heart of gold for what you and your team do for them people that need your help.you are so caring and helpful and thats what you care about.ive always cryed at the makeovers that you and your team do because to me they saying thank you and that you have made thier dream come true.any way i just wanted to say your a good man and your so careing, and i just want to thank you for being the way yo are because you dont get alot people like you thank you and good luck in the future. xxxxxgina g xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. hi i love u r house show! u r so good looking. i would love to meet u in person. u r so sweet. i love how nice and caring u r to others.keep it up! sarah.

  8. hi i love u r house show! u r so good looking. i would love to meet u in person. u r so sweet. i love how nice and caring u r to others.keep it up! sarah.

  9. Ty, OO MY GOSH u r such a hottie. I counted and i have over 15 pictures of u. i love u so much, and i love what u do for so many other people. bye and remember I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH. bye


  10. Ty you are such a wonderful person helping all thos pepole that need youre help you are a ture hearo. when i grow up i want to be just like you. and not just 4 the looks

    you r a wonderful person

  11. hi uncle ty!!!!!!!! do you no if your comin out for thanksgiving or christmas yet? well if you ever find out plz call me. you should have seen what christian did today! he kept falling asleep while he was at the dinner table! well i have to go to dance. ill see you this weekend in cali(and dont wake me up at 4:30 in the morning with the bullhorn to go to school or a photo shoot!!)

    Love ur fave neice,

  12. I love you like crazy.I will always love you no matter what.I watch Extreme Make Over Home Edition all the time.I scream whenever you come on TV or if my friends say your name.

    Yours Truely,

  13. My name is Anita Richardson Maas, a mother of 2 wonderful boys and someone who loves her parents so very much… I have tried many times to see who can help us… My Father and Mother have been Taking care of my 2 sons since I had to run from my Ex-husband. I know they would be well taken care of… Now that I am back (since 2004), my parents are having to take care of me also… They have spent their life savings taking care of us and I want to be able to do something special for them to say “THANK YOU for all you have done and I love you”. My dad has Cance, My mom and I have Fybromyalgia. We watch you and you Inspire me to work on things but I have to do it when I can.I just want their lives easier.
    I sent a CD painted for the bus. I dont know if yall got it.. I also have made drawings of each memeber but dont want to send it off unlessI know you can get it. Thanks for listing to me bable..

  14. Ty, my kids think you are great.. they would love to meet ya.. My youngest thought it was so cool to watch you, then play his Ty the tasmanian devil game… He wants u to come to do his room..lolol

    Have a great and Safe Year..

  15. Hi Ty,
    I’m an MBA student in Huron University, USA in London. The assignment was to give a profile on an entrepreneur who inspires one and your name wouldn’t leave my mind. The problem is, I don’t have a lot of information on you except the ones on the websites(which isn’t much)as what I really want to know is what makes you tick, the impact fears and failures have made in your decision making and how you view challenges.Submission date is in two weeks time,so i’d love to get a bit of these details from you as I wouldn’t want to make assumptions(it really won’t be cool to do that).
    In case you get this post….please reply!


  16. Don’t get me wrong, Ty seems like a good guy, and the show is great, but why are people leaving comments for him on a board that he probably doesn’t even know about? No offense to John of course.

  17. Ty I have ADHD too. When I found out that you had it too I felt like there was a way to live. Thanks You are my role model

  18. Ty,
    My dad has recently been presented with the opportunity to be a member of the crowd that anxiously awaits the announcement of that famous line, “Bus driver, move that bus!” When my dad called me and asked if he were able to get permission, would I like to go with him? Ever sense sophomore year of high school, I have wanted to be an interior designer. Not just any interior designer, however. One like Tanya McQueen, Michael Moloney, Constance Ramos, or Tracy Hutson. Coincidentally, in my small group at LSU, we are currently working in a workbook that helps lead us in the career we feel God is calling us to. Many of the questions presented in this workbook were very hard for me to answer. In my frustration, I told God that I am willing and yearning to hear his voice. I asked him to speak louder so I can carry out his great plan for me. So, as you can see, it was much to my surprise when the very next day my prayer was answered in a very loud way. He provided me with the opportunity to experience a small part of my life long dream. The coincidences don’t end there. On that Saturday, February 25th, it is also my 19th birthday. You see, even if I am not able to go to the last part of the show, I now know that God is with me 100% in my walk in becoming an interior designer. Knowing I will someday help create homes for those that greatly need them is truly the best birthday present I could ever ask for. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that God is using your show in so many ways and that your selfless hearts are creating such a heroic example to individuals all over the nation. Thank you so much and God Bless!

  19. Ty,
    You are a real inspiration to me. My family is quite poor, and I don’t have many friends. Every sunday is a blessing, watching you and the team perform miricles for other people. Youre work is the work of an angels. May God continue to bless you and your team, for you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Ty, your show is barely on anymore. Why? It sucks waiting for THREE WEEKS for you!!! You shold tell ABC to air it more. Have a great time doin’ what ya doin’. :-)

  21. TY! OMG! I suffer each day because I need to meet you and we NEED to be lovers! I have ADD too and I love bullhorns! You are sooo nice and FUNNY! You are so hot and I love you ! I love you! omg!


  23. My mom is in love with you she only one year older than you. and she is very pretty but she is taken by my dad.

  24. Ty,
    Just wanted to let you know what a great job you and the extreme makeover team are doing for this country.

    Also to let you know what a fantastic job you have done to promote the awareness of ADHD. I also went through school not listening, distracted always in trouble at home and at school. About two years ago i went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with Bipolar I (31 at the time) about 6mths later i was also diagnosed with ADHD and so was my 6yr old daughter ( luckly before kindergarten) both of us take Adderall xr each day. Keep up the work of bringing awarness to these disorders & my final quote is:


    God bless you Ty.

  25. I wish i was older, but i think theres a bit of a age differance o well but if you ever want a young lover you can have my number! joxxxxx

  26. Oh My Gosh!!! You are soooooo hot!!!! Why can’t you be like fourteen, or clone yourself??!! It’s not fair!!!! :'(

  27. i think hes so great to be helping people in need and i love how he gelped the Arena family Ty if you can see this i was there for the move that bus when the Arena family Arrived please email me at [email protected] so i can thank you and ask a few questions thank you Ty Pennington you really helped the Arena’s out

  28. Hi Ty

    Greetings from sunny South Africa.

    You are a guardian angel to the families whose houses you make over. You and your team are fantastic. Would love to meet you in person.

    Keep up the excellent work and will keep watching the show which is aired here every Sunday night.

    East London, South Africa

  29. hey ty! my friend luvs u! well obbsessed!
    she would luv 2 meet u and be on the design team w/ u!
    please e -mail me back!

    bryce odom!

  30. hey ty! my friend luvs u! well obbsessed!
    she would luv 2 meet u and be on the design team w/ u!
    please e -mail me back!

    bryce odom!

  31. hey ty! my freind is obsessed with u and im freinds with bryce hoo also sent u one abt this girl.she dreams of marrying u and wishes u knew her!she thinks u r so HOT and u have a wonderful heart for helping so many ppl.u’ve inspired her 2 bcome a carpenter and 2 hep other ppl! she wants 2 be on the design team so bad!she wont shutup! she wants ur number plz LOL just kidding!!! but if u want 2 u can still send it!

    much luv,

  32. Ty,
    You are one of the most inspiring people i (sort of) know. Thanks so much.I’m so happy the new season’s here!!! AHHHHH!! You guys should go to Casper, Wyoming!! It rocks! I would know I used to live there!
    Love ya Amanda

  33. Hi,Ty my name is Jessica May and i’m 14yrs old and in grade 9 I love your show I watch it every Sunday at 8:00 I think what you do for these families are GREAT!And when i’m old enough I would love to apply for your job and hope you read this and E-mail me back please and how old do you have to be to apply?

    love from

    P.S This would really mean alot to me!

  34. I hope this message reaches Ty. First, I am sorry about your hospitalization. I want to comment on the show on January 14, 2007 for the family in Chicago. My grandson was a part of the Merit School of Music that submitted the name of the family. My grandson also attends that school. He was called and asked to come down to appear on the tape to play the piano. He was so excited, he told his family and friends all over the country, including the Bahamas that he was going to be playing the piano for a brief moment on that day. He had been looking forward to it for months. The entire host of family and friends were watching for a glimpse of him which never happened. Can you imagine how this young man felt after being summoned to come down for the televising? I am not trying to take anything from the family that received the makeover, because I feel they were most deserving and I do realize that they were the focal point, but to break a young man’s heart that way was not very nice. An entire family was made happy through this but another young man was torn and embarrassed. Just wanted to voice my feelings and concerns. I would appreciate an answer back. I still love the show and Ty. Thank you for your consideration.

  35. Hi my name is Arika Pauley and I live in Georgetown, Kentucky. I asked for a miracle the other night and I saw you’re show extreme makeover home edition. my grandfather and grandmother have been through alot in their life. they have taken care of many people and helped alot of people including me. they’ve had it rough the last few years. they are hurricane katrina survivors. they went to find my grandfather’s biological mother and were stuck in the middle of the tragedy. they took care of alot of people while they were there. and they both are in bad health. as of a week ago my grandfather was hospitalized. i prayed for a miracle for god to just help him out. today (feb.6,2007) while my grandmother was visiting my grandfather in the hospital she got a phone call. in the few hours that she was gone their house caught fire and burned to the ground. takeing the lives of all six of their pets. they are devistated. and i thought maybe you could help them out. help answer my prayer and give them a miracle. i’ve saw what you’ve done for people and i know alot of people need your help but my grandparents are very deserving. please help them.

  36. HEY TY!!! I heard that you have ADHD. I do too. I am 13 years old and on medication, so that makes a big difference. I do great in school because of it. Anyway, I am extremely creative and my mind is always flowing with new ideas. I also love working with my hands! My dream is to get to redo my room with you there to show me how to do it. As I said before I am 13 (8th grade). I am going to high school next year. But get this: My room is still covered with big puffy clouds!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is embarassing!!!!!!!!! I almost never have anyone come into my room other than my parents and brother. I would love to redo my room with you to change it from big puffy clouds to an awsome rain forest theme. Since I am creative I have thought of everything!
    Oh, and by the way I do happen to have another dream. It is to get to do another room with you. Not just anyone’s room. I would like to do it for someone who has a MENTAL HANDICAP. When I grow up I want to help those with special challenges. God has put a soft spot in my heart for them. I would like to help improve their lives!!!!!!!!!!

    If you could do at least one of these things I would be so delighted and blessed! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOU DO!!!!!!


  37. Ty Pennington and his staff have inspired our company to do for a local family in our community what they have done so admirably for so long. We are in the midst of our version and first extreme home makeover in Amherstburg, Ontario Canada. All products and labour were graciously donated by the community. The existing home was demolished on Aug 31st, 2007 and our reveal is on September 14th @ 6:00pm – This couple is a deserving couple who are also unsuspecting of what has been done – we sent them away for 2 weeks and convinced them they won the trip – they will return Friday Sept 14th to this amazing surprise. We would love for Ty and or his staff to be a part of this wonderful, heartwarming story either before, during or after so we can share with the world how one show can inspire so many to do so much. You have our email if you are interested – we hope you can make this dream project even more perfect. Thank you so much!

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