What are you doing next monday? You're not planning to play hookey from work and attend the dedication of Donald Duck's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are you? Well on the off chance you might be considering it. Here's the deets from the LaughingPlace Newswire. Something about a free movie screening too. Let
If you live in Witchita or are planning a visit, you might want to make reservations to see one of the first Community Theatre Productions of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Article goes into detail about what is involved in such a production. I had heard that Disney was allowing a small number of theatre
Here's a sad story of an eight year old boy found alone at Disneyland. Apparently his mother and sister have gone missing too. As a kid I always dreamed of getting left at Disneyland and having the whole park to myself. As an adult, I can see that the reality is not always so good.
When I lived in Southern California I used to goto Disneyland on the average of 3.5 times a week. (3.54 actually, but who's counting.) I was frequently asked what I did there. Well, I hung out with friends, watch the shows, and even occaisionally rode some attractions. A significant portion of time was spent people