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Bats Day 2004 – Goth Invasion

Bats Day is a day for like minded folk to dress up in their goth finest and enjoy Disneyland together. It’s not an official Disneyland event, but like Gay Day, the park has begun to recognize the money the extra attendance brings in and throw a few bones their way (like a special queue to… Read More »Bats Day 2004 – Goth Invasion

Retro Future

If you know who Georges Bataille is and what Deleuzian Philosophy is then the online journal Rhizomes is for you. Even if you don’t dabble in philosophical discourse, you might want to read Utopian Accidents from the current issue of the journal. The author examines Walt Disney’s prototype city of EPCOT and the 1990s construction… Read More »Retro Future

Frances Focuses on Florida

In a state where much of the central region is still recovering from Hurricane Charley of just 3 weeks ago, a new threat is on the horizon. Hurricane Frances packs windspeeds of 140 MPH or more and is the size of the monster storm Floyd from a few years ago. Forecasts this far out can’t… Read More »Frances Focuses on Florida

Low Pay+High Turn Over=Safety Risk?

Robert Niles, from Themepark Insider, has a lengthy column on how low pay for frontline Disney themepark employees equals a lower quality experience for guests. Robert points to the recent Big Thunder Accidents and the Christmas Eve of 1998 accident that killed a guest and maimed two others as examples of his theory borne out.… Read More »Low Pay+High Turn Over=Safety Risk?

Disney’s Angels

On Cam Miller provides a lengthy detailed retrospective on Disney’s short lived ownership of the Anaheim Angels, the reasons Eisner bought in, and the reasons Eisner wanted out in the end. One of Mr. Eisner’s goals was to increase attendance at Disneyland via the Angels games. If the attendance figures from 1996-2001 were any… Read More »Disney’s Angels

Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

In a DVD release that I am very much looking forward to, Buena Vista announces the release date for the Special Edition DVD of Ed Wood on October 19th. A little too late for my Birthday, but it’s never too early to start shopping for christmas, you know. In my humber opinion Ed Wood shows… Read More »Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

Minnie’s Secret?

At our local Mall the Disney Store used to be located one shop away from Victoria’s Secret. (Of course, the Disney Store is close now, but that’s another topic.) I once mused to my wife what would happen if the two stores were combined. She just gave me a weird look and then pretended to… Read More »Minnie’s Secret?