Linda Morse

Linda Morse started as an accounting clerk in 1955 at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, and then worked in the marketing department at Disneyland in Anaheim until 1965. Her last job at the park was as Promotions Manager.
  • The Park – Innovation
    The Park – Innovation

    In addition to creating “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland was innovative in many other ways. In the 50’s, believe it or not, waiting lines at banks or airports were traditionally a straight line.  Sometimes a movie theater would bend them around a corner; the Department of Motor Vehicles would…

  • The Park: The Celebrity Treatment
    The Park: The Celebrity Treatment

    Now that Andy Warhol’s prediction that everyone will have 15 minutes of celebrity in their lifetime seems to have been proven true, celebrities are the proverbial dime a dozen. But back in the 60’s, spotting a real live movie star in public was quite a big deal. And when Disneyland…

  • The Park: Disneyland, Anaheim, 1959

    Editors Note: Please welcome my Aunt Linda as a new guest author. I’ve known her my whole life and she and my Aunt Dorothea played a key role in nurturing my love of Disneyland (although they probably regret it now). We’ve discussed her experiences at Disneyland from time to time…

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