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Actor Jeff Bridges Confirmed to Be Returning for ‘Tron: Ares’

Actor Jeff Bridges Confirmed to Be Returning for ‘Tron: Ares’

Actor Jeff Bridges is returning to the grid for “Tron: Ares,” the third installment in the “Tron” trilogy of movies.

The Details

In a conversation with the Film Comment podcast, Bridges not only talked about his career, but mentioned he was going to play a part in the third installment of the “Tron” story, “Tron: Ares.”

“Jared Leto is the star of this third one. I’m really anxious to work with him. I’ve admired his work, said Bridges”

Bridges added that he’d heard that “there’s going to be even less AI stuff” in “Tron: Ares,” and that the production is using more “practical sets” for the new project. “There are beautiful sets that I’ve seen,” he said. “So we’ll see.”

His addition to the cast was confirmed by director Joachim Rønning:

The History

Bridges has been with the film franchise since 1982’s “Tron,” where he played the role of Kevin Flynn, a talented computer engineer who finds out that Ed Dillinger (David Warner), an executive at his company, has been stealing his work.

He tries to hack into the system, but is instead transported into the digital world, where he has to face off against Dillinger’s computerized likeness, Sark, and the imposing Master Control Program.

In the 2010 sequel, Bridges once again plays Kevin Flynn, as well as Clu, the Grid’s corrupt ruling program, who resembles a young Kevin.

Bridges will most likely play Kevin Flynn for a third time, especially given Rønning’s #FlynnLives hashtag above, but how the character will fit into the story is unknown at this time.

About the Film

Directed by Joachim Rønning, with a screenplay by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne,“Tron: Ares,” will focus on Leto’s title character, another digital program who crosses into the human world. The film costars Evan Peters, Greta Lee, Gillian Anderson, Jodie Turner-Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan, Sarah Desjardins, and Jeff Bridges.

“Tron: Ares” recently got the binary theatrical release date of October 10, 2025 (10/10/25).