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‘Deadpool 3’ Unleashes First Look Teaser Trailer During Super Bowl and Gets New Name

Deadpool & Wolverine

Marvel used the Super Bowl to release the first look teaser trailer for it’s upcoming Deadpool movie, which now is officially called “Deadpool & Wolverine.”

The Details

The trailer confirms that the X-Men characters, including Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), will make their first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance via the Time Variance Authority, the multi-verse hopping organization at the center of the “Loki” series on Disney+, and it will remain a central part of the film.

However, no sign of Mobius in the trailer. Instead we get an agent named Paradox, played by Matthew Macfadyen.


Several of Deadpool’s friends make appearances like Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Dopinder (Karan Soni), and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). We also get to see Wolverine at the end…sort of. And I almost didn’t recognize Pyro (Aaron Stanford).

If you spot any other characters, let me know in the comments.

And after watching this trailer, the film has jumped to top spot on my most wanted movies for 2024.

“Deadpool & Wolverine” is directed by Shawn Levy, and hits theaters on July 26, 2024. But it seems Hugh Jackman disagrees with the new name (NSFW).

The Trailer

“Deadpool & Wolverine” will be Marvel Studios’ first R-rated movie, and this trailer definitely gives you a sense that they intend to make it count. Some of the trailer humor is definitely not Disney-fied, but it is very on brand for the Merc with a Mouth, as he is sometimes known.

So buckle up and give this first look teaser trailer a watch:

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