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Dreamers Point to Open at EPCOT on December 5, 2023

Dreamers Point to Open at EPCOT

Walt Disney World announced today that it will be opening the much anticipated Dreamers Point at EPCOT on December 5, which is fitting as that is Walt’s birthday.

The Details

Dreamers Point will be located in the newly-opened World Celebration neighborhood at EPCOT that extends down the center of the park from Spaceship Earth to the World Showcase.

This new statue, entitled “Walt the Dreamer,” is meant to represent Walt later in his life when he was dreaming up the overall Florida Project and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT).

He sits with a sense of fulfillment, enjoying the beauty of his realized dream…a park that represents pure optimism and truly celebrates the magic of possibility.

Starting December 5th, everyone is invited to imagine alongside Walt himself and look out over World Celebration Gardens together.

Each of the gardens found in the center of World Celebration, including Dreamers Point, will connect back to the areas surrounding them, and provide areas where guests will be able to relax, and unwind.

Dreamers Point to Open at EPCOT

Installing the Statue

Walt Disney Imagineering posted a video of the installation of the new statue, which looks like it took place after the park closed for the evening.

A Busy Day

In addition to being both Walt’s birthday and the opening of Dreamers Point, December 5th will also see the opening of EPCOT’s newest nighttime spectacular, “Luminous: The Story of Us.”

Luminous: The Symphony of Us

Companion Statue

Hong Kong Disneyland recently unveiled its own statue of Walt Disney, who is joined by Mickey Mouse on a bench. Their version is called the “Dream Makers” statue.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Dream Makers Statue

Book Your Visit

If you don’t already have tickets and reservations for December 5, you’ll want to book your visit today.

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