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Hong Kong Disneyland Hosts ‘World of Frozen’ Grand Opening

World of Frozen

Though it doesn’t open to the public until November 20th, Hong Kong Disneyland hosted the grand opening celebration of “World of Frozen” this week.

The Details

The celebration of this new “Frozen”-themed land took place in the center of Arendelle with Oaken and Kristoff kicking off the evening alongside the Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassadors.

Special guests also included: Bob Iger, Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman, Disney Experiences, Michael Moriarty, Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Alan Bergman, Co-Chairman, Disney Entertainment, and Jennifer Lee, Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Oscar-winning writer/director of “Frozen” and “Frozen 2.”

During the celebration Iger took to the podium to say, “The Frozen franchise is one of the most successful in Disney history and it’s a testament to the power of great storytelling, which is the foundation of The Walt Disney Company. It’s been this way for 100 years, and our commitment to storytelling and creativity will continue to define our next 100.”

D’Amaro also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “This land is now part of the legacy stretching back to Walt’s original dream for Disneyland. World of Frozen transports you to another world, where you can have fun with your loved ones and make some incredible memories together.”

World of Frozen - D'Amaro - Iger - Lee

A Special Tour

ABC’s “Good Morning America” was granted special access before the crowds to conduct a tour of the new “World of Frozen” with special correspondent Maggie Rulli:

The Trolls

Among the many “Frozen” characters guests can meet in “World of Frozen,” one of the cutest is Mossie the interactive baby troll.

Mossie is an original character conceptualized by the team at Hong Kong Disneyland and created in partnership with Disney Live Entertainment at Walt Disney World.

World of Frozen Mossi

Mossie is carried in the park by her “nari” or teacher who helps Mossie learn about the human world.

Here she is in action:

The Drones

The evening concluded with a fleet of drones taking center stage in the sky and forming iconic images inspired by beloved movies, inspired by Elsa’s ice magic.

World of Frozen

Here are some highlights of the celebration’s closing ceremony: