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Disney100 Happy Meal Toys Now Available at McDonald’s

Disney100 Happy Meal Toys

Get ready to eat a lot of burgers and nuggets, because Disney100 Happy Meal Toys are now available at McDonald’s reportedly through December 4th (or while supplies last).

The Details

U.S. McDonald’s are confirmed to now have the Disney100 collection, which features 62 Disney character figurines, which come in packs of two in each Happy Meal. Though since it’s the first day, they may not have them unpacked for customers yet. Ask before purchasing.

I’m not sure why they went with 62 and not an actual 100, but if you want to collect them all, then you’ll probably want to hit up a variety of locations. They’re not going to send the whole collection to each store.

And you’ll notice four characters from Disney’s upcoming “Wish” movie are represented – Asha, King Magnifico, Valentino, and Star.

Rumors are some other countries will also have them, like Brazil, but I’m still working to confirm which ones. If you spot them in your country, let us know!

Disney100 Happy Meal Toys

The Characters

As I mentioned, each Happy Meal will include two surprise characters, which will come in a small box, so here are the available characters and the pairings:

1 Groot and Elsa
2 Woody and Mulan
3 Minnie Mouse and Sully
4 Mike Wazowski and Mirabel
5 Mickey Mouse and Captain Marvel
6 Grogu and Tiana
7 Shang Chi and Daisy Duck
8 Simba and Edna
9 Belle and The Mandalorian
10 Joy and Dumbo
11 Tinkerbell and Joe Gardner
12 Olaf and Ant-Man
13 Ms. Marvel and Stitch
14 Darth Vader and Raya
15 Goofy and Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl
16 Ariel and Chewbacca
17 Peter Pan and The Wasp
18 Nemo and Snow White
19 Pocahontas and R2-D2
20 Loki and Moana
21 Asha and Buzz Lightyear
22 Donald Duck and Iron Man
23 Gamora and Lightning McQueen
24 Dory and Pongo
25 Alice and Miguel
26 Panda Mei and Pluto
27 Black Panther and Valentino
28 C-3PO and King Magnifico
29 Maleficent and Captain America (Sam Wilson)
30 Genie and Merida
31 Rey and Star

The toys don’t seem to have any movement, nor do they connect together like some other Disney toy promotions at McDonald’s.

Disney100 Happy Meal Toys
Disney100 Happy Meal Toys
Disney100 Happy Meal Toys
Disney100 Happy Meal Toys

Free Downloadables

The Happy Meal website at McDonald’s also has some free downloadable activity sheets for the “Disney100” promotion, including puzzles.

The Commercial

Here is a video from McDonald’s showing some of the figurines and the boxes they come in: