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Shanghai Disney Resort Sets Opening Date for Zootopia

Shanghai Disney Resort Zootopia

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced that Disney’s first Zootopia land will be open before the end of 2023, and here’s what you need to know.

The Details

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced the world’s first Zootopia-themed land, which is also the eighth themed land in Shanghai Disneyland, is set to open on December 20, 2023.

Each element of the new land, including food and beverage, entertainment, merchandise and more, has been designed to make guests feel as if they are in a real-life Zootopia.

In the windows of Zootopia Park Apartments, a lineup of animal residents will interact with each other and guests throughout the day, appearing from time to time, in this unique atmosphere show.


Stroll by the Beaver Dentist, where you can listen to the sounds of patients having their teeth worked on through the window.

At the Hibernation Hotel, a modern “pod” style hotel where Zootopia’s bears and other residents hibernate, you can even hear them snoring from their cavernous rooms.


At Zootopia Central Station, a large metro train can be seen passing behind an upper-level decorative stained-glass window. The train comes and goes as it picks up and drops off animal commuters, just as it did in the film.

And as guests walk around, the details will be everywhere, like animal-inspired street modifications like “Cubs at Play” warning signs and vehicle height clearance signs to remind long-necked citizens, like giraffes, to be aware of their height when entering tunnels and underpasses, along with roads and streets that are accommodating of all animals of all sizes.

The Attraction

Guests seeking thrills will want to ride “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit,” the newest attraction at Shanghai Disneyland.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an animatronic Officer Clawhauser. The friendly cheetah frequently pauses to talk to the newest rookie police officers or rave about Gazelle and the big concert tonight.

Chief Bogo then orders his new rookies (the guests) to board the all-terrain cruisers, powered by a trackless ride system, to back up Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and from there the adventure begins.

From sliding across the ice of Tundratown to flying off the track onto the busy streets of Sahara Square, guests will enjoy thrilling turns, spins, slides, and “drops” in this family-friendly attraction on a mission to rescue Gazelle from her kidnapper, Bellwether.

Food and Drink

From Zootopia-themed desserts to snacks, drinks, and more, Shanghai Disney Resort has created plenty of tasty eats.

Jumbeaux’s Café is adapted to welcome animals of all sizes. It has even made accommodations like a lower take-out window for smaller customers, fashioned directly into the façade’s original elephant-sized door.


Here guests will find a paw-shaped popsicle inspired by the ones made by Nick Wilde in the film, Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts in two sizes, and Gideon Grey’s Disney Zootopia Blueberry Pie.

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First Look

Here is a first look video inside Zootopia, that gives a real feel for the size and scope of this new Disney land: