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Hold On to Your Mickey Ears: Your Guide to TRON Lightcycle Run’s Locker System!

TRON Lightcycle / Run lockers
TRON Lightcycle / Run lockers

Greetings fellow users. It’s time to log in to the grid and watch this quick guide on how to use the locker system employed at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for TRON Lightcycle/Run, the exciting new roller coaster that’s thrilling guests with its high-speed twists and turns.

Have you ever dreamt of hopping onto a Lightcycle straight out of the TRON movies? Well, the TRON Lightcycle/Run makes that dream a reality. Before you soar above fellow park-goers, it’s essential to ensure your belongings are safely stowed away. Not just for the thrill of it, but to keep those cherished Mickey ears and other valuables from going astray.

There are over 700 lockers available in 7 banks of lockers, ensuring that there is enough space for everyone riding the attraction. And the best part? These lockers won’t cost you a dime. Just flash your admission media, wave that magic band, or give a friendly nod to one of the dedicated cast members for a locker pass.

Here’s a quick video with more tips and a demonstration of exactly how the TRON-themed lockers work to store and retrieve your items.

Now that you’ve properly and securely stored your items, you can continue your thrilling adventure through the world of TRON.