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Disney Cruise Line Reveals Disney Treasure Stern Featuring Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Disney Treasure Stern Featuring Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Disney Cruise Line has revealed quite a bit of news about the upcoming Disney Treasure, and now they are showcasing the ship’s stern design featuring Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

The Design

Each ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet features a stern design that includes Disney characters, such as the newest ship, the Disney Wish, which features Rapunzel and her hair.

 Wish stern which features Rapunzel.

The Disney Treasure will follow this tradition with help from Peter Pan, and his foe, Captain Hook.

Peter is seen adding the finishing paint strokes to the ship’s logo, with a bucket of the yellow paint in his other hand, while Hook is seen leaning out his porthole covered in the paint and shaking a hook at Peter.

Take a look:

Disney Treasure Stern Featuring Peter Pan and Captain Hook

The Ship

There’s still lots of work to be done while the ship is still docked at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, but it is making great progress.

Recent updates include the attachment of the bow, the bridge, and the framework for what will be The Walt Disney Theater on the ship.

The Disney Treasure is the second in a trio of new ships that includes the Disney Wish, that emphasizes fuel efficiency and energy conservation features.

It was announced at last year’s D23 Expo that the ship is set to debut in the Disney Cruise Line fleet in 2024.

Disney Treasure

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