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Disney to Host “Disney 100 Film Festival” at 100 Japanese Movie Theaters in October 2023

Disney 100 Film Festival

To commemorate The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. will hold the “Disney 100 Film Festival” nationwide in October 2023.

The Details

As Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary worldwide, its Japan subsidiary will pick 8 films from the Disney Animation catalog of 61 films, and show them in 100 movie theaters across the country.

The film festival is still in the planning stages, so details regarding the “Disney 100 Film Festival” screenings, dates, venues, and ticket sales will be announced sometime this summer.

We’ll share details as soon as they are available.

About Disney Animation

To date, Disney has delivered a total of 61 feature-length animated films, starting with the world’s first feature-length color animation 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and currently finishing with 2022’s “Strange World.”

The 62nd film will be “Wish,” which will debut in Japanese theaters on December 15, 2023 (and in the U.S. on November 22, 2023).

Walt Disney Animation Studios - Wish

About Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd.

The Walt Disney Company established a local Japanese subsidiary in 1959 and made a full-scale entry into the Japanese market at that time.

In April 2000, it merged with several affiliated subsidiaries in Japan, and in August 2002, it changed its name to Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd., and has jurisdiction over Disney’s business in Japan.

I hope Disney does this festival in more countries. If they did one in your country, what 8 films do you think would best represent Disney Animation?