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SWCE 2023: ‘Return of the Jedi’ Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary

It was announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe (SWCE 2023) that Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is returning to theaters later this month (April 2023) for 40th anniversary showings.

The Details

According to Lucasfilm, starting April 28, 2023, Return of the Jedi will return to select theaters around the world, giving a fans a chance to experience the film in theaters once again.

So far, screenings for the film’s 40th anniversary in the US will take place April 28 – May 4, and from April 28 – May 1 in the UK. Other regions and dates will be announced soon.

Check the website/app for your favorite theater brand, or if you’re in the U.S., visit Fandango to find all showings in your area.

Special Poster

As with the 40th anniversary screenings of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 2020, Lucasfilm has commissioned artist Matt Ferguson to create a special poster commemorating Return of the Jedi’s 2023 theatrical return.

“I’m so happy and grateful to get to work on these movies again, even more so to be given the freedom to continue what I started with ‘Empire’,” says Ferguson.

“For that poster, a cold mechanical vibe completely takes over the whole composition. But ‘Return of the Jedi’ is very much the triumph of Luke and the Rebels, so I wanted to have more of the warmer colors coming back into the art, hence pivoting to green with red accents.”

Take a look:

Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary poster

The Movie

Released on May 25, 1983, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, also known as Episode VI, was the conclusion of the first Star Wars film trilogy.

Following the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and the droids head to Tatooine to rescue Han, only to need some rescuing themselves.

Once reunited and free of Jabba the Hut, they join up with the amassing rebel fleet to take down the evil Empire once and for all.

But the Empire is plotting too. Emperor Palpatine commands his troops aboard his newly consturcted Death Star stationed above the forest moon of Endor.

With the help of some furry natives on the planet called the Ewoks, the rebels make their stand against the Empire, and Luke confronts his father one more time.

Here is the original trailer for the film:

Will you be seeing Return of the Jedi when it returns to theaters? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Hi Peter! We don’t have any lists for where the film will play, but I would imagine most major cinema chains in the UK will be showing it. Showings start April 28, so check your favorite local cinemas for listings.

    1. Hi Christina! Lucasfilm hasn’t said officially, but the extended version clocked in at 2 hrs 15 min and according to AMC, the run time of the film coming to theaters is 2 hrs 15 min, so…there’s a good chance it’s the extended version. But again, nothing official has been announced.

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