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Meet Your New Disneyland Jungle Cruise Skipper…Disney Legend Josh Gad!

Disney Legend Josh Gad

Part of the fun of riding the Jungle Cruise attraction is the humorous Skippers who regale Guests with stories and jokes…but some Guests at Disneyland got a surprise recently when they boarded only to discover their Skipper was none other than Disney Legend Josh Gad!

The Details

Disneyland recently decided to make Gad’s dream of being a Jungle Cruise Skipper a reality and invited him to the park to take on the role. They even made him a special name tag.

Disney Legend Josh Gad - nametag

As an honorary cast member for the day, he took Guests on a wild ride through the jungles of the park.

And there’s a saying in the world of social media: “Pictures, or it didn’t happen.” Well, Disney went one better and recorded it all on video.

The Videos

Watch as Skipper Josh Gad navigates through the treacherous waters, and along with fellow cast member Kylie, keeps guests entertained with his quick-witted humor and sarcastic comments, adding a whole new level of fun to the ride.

“Watch your step as you get on the boat today,” says Gad to the Guests, “And watch ‘Frozen 2’ when you get home…”

I love the line at the end; “If you enjoyed this video, I’m Josh Gad. If you didn’t, I’m Josh D’Amaro.”

Here’s another look at the experience with a few different quips:

@disneyparks We made @realjoshgad a Jungle Cruise Skipper for a day and this is how it went 🗺️🌏 #JungleCruise #JoshGad #Boat #Disneyland #Disney #DisneyParks #Olaf #Guide #DisneyCastLife ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

If you can’t see it above, watch it on TikTok here!

Skipper Josh follows in the footsteps of other honorary Jungle Cruise Skippers, which include Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

The actor will next appear in 20th Television’s mini-series “History of the World: Part II” which debuts on Hulu March 6, and is a sequel to the classic Mel Brook’s film “History of the World: Part I.”

So what did you think? Would you have Josh as your Jungle Cruise Skipper as you travel to “the backside of water”? On a scale of one to two, let us know in the comments.

Disney Legend Josh Gad