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Is “Rainbow Connection: A Benoit Blanc Mystery” a possibility?

As fans of director Rian Johnson’s body of work (are you watching Poker Face on Peacock? It’s quite good) and Daniel Craig, I was eagerly anticipating what seemed like the inevitable collaboration between the masterful mind of Rian Johnson and the beloved Muppets, in the form of a Benoit Blanc mystery or a Muppet film featuring the infamous detective.

However, based on recent remarks made by Johnson himself, it appears that this anticipated mashup of Blanc and The Muppets will never come to fruition. That’s too bad because it does seem like these are two properties that would fit seamlessly together.

While Johnson’s aversion to the Muppet mashup is a disappointment, we can still find solace in the delightful fan-made creation by Nerdist, which seamlessly blends Benoit Blanc mysteries with The Great Muppet Caper for a new Rainbow Connection!

I don’t know Rian, I think that works pretty well.

Would you like to see these two beloved movie franchises unite for a bit of on screen fun?