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Hong Kong Disneyland Reveals ‘World of Frozen’ Construction Update

“World of Frozen” is set to debut at Hong Kong Disneyland in late 2023, and the park has released a construction update video on the land and its attractions.

About World of Frozen

The world’s first “Frozen”-themed land is also the park’s largest expansion to date.

“In this time of happily-ever-after, peace and prosperity have returned to the kingdom of Arendelle, guests are invited from near and far to take part in this joyous celebration on Summer Snow Day,” explains Michel Den Dulk, Executive Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Guests will be able to visit the kingdom of Arendelle, and be fully immersed in all its sights, sounds, cuisines, and traditions.

“World of Frozen” will feature two new attractions, “Frozen Ever After” and “Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs,” plus a quick-service restaurant, and merchandise outlets.

The top art rendering is Arendelle during the day, and below is one of Arendelle at night:

Hong Kong Disneyland - world of frozen - night

Drone Footage

In the drone video of the construction site below, you can see the entire themed land is a recreation of the kingdom of Arendelle which draws upon the natural landscape of Lantau Mountain behind Hong Kong Disneyland as a backdrop.

As you can see from the drone video, the construction of the Arendelle village is almost completed, including the clock tower, Elsa’s Ice Palace sitting atop the North Mountain, and Arendelle Castle

When finished, Guests will be able to feel like they’ve stepped into the movie.


A big part of bringing “Frozen” to life will be the use of real-life scale Audio-Animatronics figures, especially in the “Frozen Ever After” attraction.

Hong Kong Disneyland has collaborated with Walt Disney Animation Studios to ensure that every detail of these characters is true to the movies, and has pushed the boundaries to enhance the technology.

Watch this video of Elsa performing her signature song “Let It Go,” and see how her facial expressions and body movements are so fluid and bring her to life like never before.

We’ll let you know when “World of Frozen” gets an opening date at Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as bring you any other updates in between. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any news.

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