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Marvel Signs Harrison Ford To Play General Ross in ‘Captain America: New World Order’

Harrison Ford

It looks like legendary actor Harrison Ford will make the leap from Star Wars to Marvel when he takes over the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the upcoming film, “Captain America: New World Order.”

About General Ross

General Ross is a top-ranking military official, first introduced in the Marvel comics in 1962, who comes to lead the team of anti-heroes known as the Thunderbolts…of which Marvel has an upcoming movie planned. He also becomes Red Hulk, but so far the MCU has made no attempt use this storyline.

In the MCU, Ross first appeared in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk,” and was portrayed by Oscar-winner William Hurt. The actor played the role up through 2021’s “Black Widow,” but passed away in March 2022.

And now Ford will be stepping into the General’s shoes for at least one film.

Photo: Tim Blake Nelson, Carl Lumbly, Danny Ramirez, Anthony Mackie, Julius Onah, Kevin Feige

About Captain America: New World Order

The fourth Captain America movie takes place after the events of the Disney+ series, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

Anthony Mackie returns as Sam Wilson who has now accepted the Captain America mantle. Shira Haas, Tim Blake Nelson, Danny Ramirez, and Carl Lumbly will co-star.

Nothing is known of the plot, but Julius Onah will direct from a script by Malcolm Spellmen and Dalan Musson.

“Captain America: New World Order” is still on the MCU Phase 5 release schedule for May 3, 2024, despite a recent shuffle of films.

Before then, we’ll next see Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones 5” which is on the calendar for a June 30, 2023 theatrical release.

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