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Disney to Livestream Otters from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Aug 18

Otters from Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney Parks has livestreamed many events from Walt Disney World over the years, but in a first, this week they will be livestreaming… otters.

The Details

The livestream will take place on Thursday, August 18, 2022, from the Otter Grotto at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Grotto is located in Discovery Island trails section of the park, surrounding the Tree of Life. You’ll find it just across from the pathway to “Pandora: The World of Avatar.”

It is home to the Asian small-clawed otter, which in the wild is found in shallow freshwater habitats across southeast Asia. They have an acute sense of smell and they communicate by rubbing their scent glands against rocks, trees and stumps.

Otters from Disney's Animal Kingdom

The livestream event is being sponsored by Otter Box, which offers custom Disney phone cases for sale on property.

How to Watch

The livestream will start at 9:30am ET on August 18, and will be available to watch via @DisneyParks on both TikTok and Instagram.

Wake up and enjoy the morning with the otter-ly cute antics of these amazing animals.

If you want a warm up of what to expect, here is a video The Disney Blog shot of the otters in the grotto: