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Tokyo Disney Resort to Host Splash Mountain ‘Soaked MAX’ This Summer

Tokyo Disney Resort to Host Splash Mountain 'Soaked MAX'

It’s well known that Splash Mountain is a ride you will probably get wet on, but this summer the Tokyo Disney Resort version of the attraction is going “Soaked MAX.”

The Details

From July 1 through August 31, 2022, guests who choose to ride Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disney will get extra water spray on the drop.

How wet? The park is offering the following warning:

“A large amount of water will be applied to the face (mask), clothes, shoes, etc. Be careful not to get your electronic devices such as smartphones wet, such as in your bag or pocket.”

Here is a video of the enhanced drop, also called “Get Wet Max” by the park’s promotional materials:

Masks On

Tokyo Disney requires guests to wear masks on the attractions, including Splash Mountain.

If a guest takes of their mask, they will not be allowed to purchase the photo taken of them on the ride.

The theme park Resort currently has a COVID-19 passport mandate active for Guests and Cast Members.

Tokyo Disney Splash Soaked

Instagram Filters

Tokyo Disney has created a special filter to take your “Soaked MAX” after ride photos.

Once you’ve experienced the attraction, post it on your Instagram timeline with the hashtag #SplashMountainSoaked and it may end up being shared by the park.

Tokyo Disney Splash Mountain

Attraction Details

Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disney Resort is located inside the Tokyo Disneyland park, in Critter Country, and opened on October 1, 1992.

It is one of three versions of the attraction at Disney parks. The other two are at the original at Disneyland, and one at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that opened a day after Tokyo Disney’s.

Tokyo Disney’s Splash Mountain is modeled after the Florida version with a few changes.

The Slippin’ Falls drop takes place in a dark cave, making the final drop the only outdoor one.

The Tokyo version also does not have an extra drop after the biggest drop while the Florida version does.

It has the same “Br’er Rabbit” story line as the other two, however at this time, there are no plans to exchange the story for a “Princess and The Frog” one, like the U.S. versions of the ride.

Tokyo did recently announce plans to renovate Space Mountain, though.

I tell you…on a hot summer day, I’m sure the extra splash on the ride is going to feel great. Even if you do come off with everything soaked.

Should they bring the extra water version to Disneyland and Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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