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‘TRON Lightcycle Run’ Hits New Milestone at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightcycle Run

The highly anticipated “TRON Lightcycle Run” is getting closer to opening, and this weekend, Walt Disney Imagineering reached a new milestone in the build.

They have just begun testing the canopy show lighting at the attraction.

TRON lit canopy

This curved canopy serves as the “Upload Conduit to the Grid,” where guests, known as “Users,” will race beneath on the Lightcycle vehicles.

The team is testing and programming more than 1,200 fixtures across the surface in preparation for the ride’s opening.

According to the Imagineers, the canopy and exterior plaza will be brought to life in the coming months as the project team continues uploading and integrating additional show elements.

TRON lit canopy

The canopy has come so far from its initial install at the attraction, and it just looks amazing.

Disney also recently released updated concept art that shows the attraction lit up at night, as well as the paths leading to the attraction:

The Magic Kingdom ride is a clone of the “TRON Lightcycle Power Run” attraction at Shanghai Disneyland.

Both coasters are based off of Walt Disney’s popular TRON film franchise, which originated in 1982.

There still isn’t an exact open date for Walt Disney World’s version, but Disney is shooting for sometime this fall.

I am so excited to ride the “TRON Lightcycle Run” coaster when it opens…are you? Let us know in the comments.

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