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Your help needed to make this The Lion King LEGO set a reality

A new LEGO set with characters and key scenes from Disney's The Lion King animated feature.

Ben Adler considers himself a huge fan of both Disney and LEGO brick building. He’s combined his two passions to make a wonderful Disney’s The Lion King LEGO kit that features three iconic scenes from the movie that launched the highest grossing movie and stage franchise in history.

This fan-created kit contains around 750 individual pieces. The finished build will allow fans of Disney’s The Lion King animated movies to immerse themselves in the story of Simba and his friends.

The full set features three scenes and six mini-figures allowing fans to retell the iconic story. Those scenes are Pride Rock, the waterfall with log, and the elephant graveyard.

Adler told us that the first time he saw The Lion King, he loved the scene where Rafiki ascended Pride Rock to first show Simba to the assembled animals. “It was such a happy moment,” said Ben.

“I feel that both the Elephant graveyard and the log over the river are very iconic parts of the movie and therefore [designed] the set to be played with so you can recreate your favorite scenes,” said Ben.

As for why the movie still resonates with today’s audiences, Adler says, “I think it’s because it has such a wide appeal to everyone of all ages. The songs in it are fantastic, the animation is great and does not seem to be dated at all.”

“It also has a fantastic underlying story of family and love which I think is hugely appealing,” Adler said.

How you can help get The Lion King LEGO play set sold in stores!

We’ve been proud to feature LEGO kits designed by superfan Ben Adler before. His LEGO Winnie-the-Pooh house set was even made into an official Disney approved kit.

Ben was inspired by his children to create the LEGO Winnie-the-Pooh set. We asked him what inspired him to make this wonderful The Lion King kit.

“Lion King is a huge favorite of both mine and my family,” said Adler. “Having the chance to combine both our love of The Lion king and another of our passions, Lego, is just amazing!”

For Adler’s The Lion King build to have a chance at becoming an official LEGO kit, it needs to get 10,000 votes from fans on LEGO’s Ideas website. That’s where you, readers of this blog, come in.

If you want to see Adler’s The Lion King LEGO kit on shelves in stores, it needs your vote on the LEGO Ideas website. Making an account is free and then you can vote for this set, or any other set you like!