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SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival Offers Delicious Alternative

SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

The Disney Blog was recently invited to sample the SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival. It runs through May 8, so there’s plenty of time to sample the festival marketplace food booths, see the live concerts, and maybe sneak in a visit or two to the beer garden.

The theme of the festival is food from around the globe. At the 24 festival marketplaces, you’ll find more than 50 fresh global cuisine tasting to sample.

New marketplace booths this year includes:

  • Irish Market: Ruben Egg Roll, New Classic Mini Shepard’s Pie, Braised Lamb Pie, and New Glazed Corn Beef (gluten free)
  • Flavor of Sicily: Featuring select wines and specialty cocktails like the New Amaro, Limoncello and Gra’it Verra Grappa Italiana.

Of course, when you try those global dishes, you’ll need something to wash it down with. This year’s festival includes SeaWorld’s most expansive beverage menu ever. The menus include 75 specially curated cocktails and wines, and more than 75 craft beers from Florida and beyond.

Food and drink can be purchased in person at each festival marketplace, but SeaWorld has priced their portions so that the best deal is buy purchasing a testing lanyard.

The Seven Seas Food Festival Tasting Lanyard gives guests the best value as they embark on their culinary journey. There are three options:

  • 10-sample lanyard at $65
  • 15-sample lanyard at $80 for the best savings.
  • SeaWorld Orlando Pass Members lanyards include 18-samples for $80 (that’s 3 bonus samples!)
Seven Seas Food Festival Food & Beverage Sampler Lanyard

We had a lot of fun using the 5-samples that our media pass allowed us to try. While portion sizes varied, we enjoyed every dish and a drink or two. Prices seemed high for some portions, but if you’re able to get the 15 or 18 item lanyard it made it much more affordable.

One of the things we like about Seven Seas Food Festival is how small the footprint is. To see everything at EPCOT you really have to hoof it around the park, at SeaWorld Orlando it’s in a much more tightly located area (with a few far flung exceptions).

Learn more about the SeaWorld Seven Sea Food Festival, including what bands are performing during your visit at the event website.