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‘Disney KiteTails’ takes flight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Simba from The Lion King as a 30 ft kite
Simba from The Lion King as a 30 ft kite

A new type of daytime show is soaring into view at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney KiteTails will debut on October 1 at the Discovery River Theater. The show will perform several times a day and features windcatchers and kites, some stretching to 30 feet long, of your favorite Disney animal friends.

KiteTails is a celebration of Disney’s beloved animal characters. If you’ve ever been to a kite festival and enjoy the pageantry of flying kites, it’s the same vibe, but with Disney characters.

We have a short video preview from the media event to share with you, but it’s just a taste of the entire show.

We’ve spotted Simba, Zazu, Baloo, King Louie and a number of characters from Finding Nemo, including Crush and Squirt. The elaborate three-dimensional kites soar above the Discovery River, often pulled by watercraft to give them the wind required to stay aloft even on a quiet day.

Windcatchers on the shore

The soundtrack is jumping with a playlist of your favorite Disney songs with fresh worldbeat arrangements to create a vibrant, uplifting experience the whole family will enjoy. The launch of the largest kits is an impressive moment.

The Discovery River Theater allows for guests to have a multi-level experience. Some elements are up close, like the windcatchers, and the stadium seating gives you a great view of the sky above the river where Disney’s kites come to life.

A more traditional diamond kite of Mr Ray from Finding Nemo

There are several different kite types in KiteTails. Some are the traditional diamond type you see on the beach and some are new that can only be seen at the Walt Disney World. There’s a good chance you’ve never seen kites like these before in your life. 

KiteTails debuts for guests on October 1 with several showtimes each day, check your MyDisneyExperience app for times.