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Emma Stone Confirmed to Star in Cruella Sequel

Emma Stone in Disney's 'Cruella'

Actress Emma Stone has been confirmed to star in the upcoming sequel to her hit Disney film “Cruella.”

The movie was released in May 2021 to both theaters and Disney+ Premier Access streaming (which is an additional $30 fee), and has earned more than $85 million domestically and $220 million in global box office to date. No word on the Disney+ numbers.

Stone also executive produced “Cruella,” but no word if the new contract includes that role for her on the sequel. My guess is it does.

Emma Stone in Disney's 'Cruella'

“Cruella” director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara are both expected to return for the new movie, as well. No further information has been given for the sequel.

The news of Stone’s resigning comes as “Cruella” returns to Disney+ this month on August 27, where it will be available to stream without the additional fee.