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Update: Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Upgrades

Cinderella Castle with new gold, rose, and royal blue color scheme
Cinderella Castle with new gold, rose, and royal blue color scheme. Note the fence in front of the stage.

For the World’s Most Magical Celebration, aka Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, each of the four park icons will be getting a makeover. At the Magic Kingdom, the transformation of Cinderella Castle is already underway.

We stopped by for a quick look on Monday and while work on repairing the Castle forecourt stage was ongoing, no new decorations had yet been added to the castle.

That said, they had drained the moats and moved cherry picker lifts back into position.

So decorations will no doubt be added shortly.

Here’s the animated concept art Disney released to show what Cinderella Castle will look like when finished.

Among the decorations will be shimmering jewels and ribbons with colors and gold detailing inspired by Disney artist Mary Blair and her designs for the classic Cinderella animated feature.

When the upgrade is complete a mix of royal blues and EARidsescent golds will wrap the turrets and towers of Cinderella Castle for its 50th anniversary.

Update: Imagineer Zach Riddley shared photos of the first piece of decoration up on the castle

Imagineer Zach Riddley shared this video with a first look at some of the decorations heading to Cinderella Castle for installation.

The castle forecourt stage is also getting a facelift. Workers have removed the old flooring and added new water proofing.

They’ve also been working on the lighting area at the foot of the stage.

The final rendering for the castle does appear to show the castle stage will replace the two big stage elements they’ve removed. You can see the pipes for wiring and ties to hold them down on the stage if you look close.

We can’t wait to see what the castle looks like when all the decorations are adorning it for the 50th anniversary. How about you?

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