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Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure sets Grand Opening Date – October 1, 2021

October 1, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. Now it will also be known as the grand opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure a new attraction coming to the France pavilion at EPCOT.

The attraction is a close clone of the Ratatouille attraction in the studios park at Disneyland Paris. It features trackless vehicles and 3D projections fora fun family friendly rode.

Guests will board the vehicle, which bares a strong resemblance to Chef Remy himself, then shrink down to the size of Remy and his family for an hijinks filled adventure through the kitchen and dining room of Gasteau’s restaurant.

The new attraction inspired by Pixar’s animated feature Ratatouille is set in an expanded France pavilion that replicates iconic buildings from the movie.

Also announced to open on Oct. 1 is La Crêperie de Paris, a new restaurant with both table service and quick- service options.

As you might expect, the menu will feature sweet crepes, savory buckwheat galettes (which are gluten friendly) and authentic French hard cider. Oh la la.

Why October 1st?

it was previously thought that Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure was almost complete and would open in June. Although no official date had been announced.

The current speculation is that, similar to how movie studios are holding off releasing their big movies until fall when most of America will be vaccinated, Walt Disney World is putting off opening anything big this summer because with crowd capacity limited already they don’t need to add to the demand.

Why do you think Disney has pushed back the opening?

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