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Main Street Fire Station Reopens as Exhibit at Magic Kingdom

Engine No. 71 in the Main Street Fire Station

Main Street U.S.A. is the opening scene for the adventure that is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The turn of the 20th century buildings are meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time when Town Squares were a gathering point and the Fire Station was a volunteer led effort.

Once the headquarters for the collector card based interactive game Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Fire Station, home to Engine Co. 71, closed in January after Disney World discontinued the game.

(Side note: Anyone still in the market for SOTMK cards these days? Are they still collectible?)

The Main Street Fire Station reopened in February, although it was closed when we visited last month. We popped by yesterday and filmed this tour of the changes Imagineering made to transition the building back to something more akin to an exhibit.

Good to see the Main street Fire Dept. Engine No. 71 on display.

Disney isn’t currently running any of its Main Street Vehicles due to the current health emergency. So, to have this engine on exhibit and available for family photos is definitely a nice change.

We also like that Disney kept the fire patches. These are delivered by FireFighters and First Responders from across the US and Beyond. It’s a nice tribute and fun to see if you can spot one from your hometown.

A close up on Engine No. 71

Really, we’re just pleased the location wasn’t turned into a store. Are you happy to see the Fire Engine No. 71 back on display at the Magic Kingdom?

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