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Extraordinary Orchids at 2021 Taste of EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

Extraordinary Orchid garden at Taste of EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival. Deep fuchsia orchids.

Our favorite garden at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival is back and better than we can remember. Take a tour of the Extraordinary Orchid display with us.

The Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT is one of our most anticipated events of the year. The flowers, the food, the entertainment is always top notch and you can’t beat the weather this time of year in Central Florida.

Even in 2021, when the global pandemic has resulted in a few cutbacks here and there, the horticulture team at EPCOT continues to display their high level skills and talents in hundreds of garden displays throughout the park.

Multicolor Orchid display at EPCOT

One of our favorite garden displays is the Tropical Rainforest Garden in the Mexico pavilion. It always features an amazing collection of orchids, bromeliads, and other exotic blooms.

Just before dusk we stepped into this colorful wonderland of Orchids and filmed a walk-through adventure to capture the vibrant colors of the myriad orchid displays.

This year the colors and varieties of orchids on display might be the best yet. Not the most numerous, perhaps, but the displays are all pretty much things you can do at home.

We really like this idea of incorporating smaller orchids and other plants onto a piece of driftwood or an older tree.

Orchid display on driftwood

Due to the off-the-beaten-path location of this display, it’s along the wheelchair ramp access to the Mexico pavilion (to the right as you face the pyramid), the vast majority of guests just walk by without noticing. It’s a shame because you just don’t see a display of orchids like this everyday.