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Fortnite X TRON coming soon

TRON Legacy City

The next collaboration between gaming behemoth Fortnite and Disney is a portal to the world of TRON. The partnership was announced by the company via an easily decipherable transmission on Twitter this morning.

If you missed it, MCP stands for Master Control Program, the big villain in the original TRON, and 82 stands fo 1982, the year the first TRON hit movie theater.

Signs point to Fortnite players entering a Battle Royal Island in the TRON Legacy games arena.

Disney theme park fans also know that a TRON themed roller coaster is under construction at the Magic Kingdom. No official opening date for the coaster yet, but we do know construction was delayed by the pandemic.

It looks like TRON is having a bit of a cultural renaissance. At least fans of the movies hope that’s the case, because it’s our best chance of finally getting a third TRON movie.

Fortnite fights for the users.

Any Fortnite players out there looking forward to entering the world of TRON?

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