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Olaf and Bruni take center stage in two new Frozen 2 Disney books

Disney Publishing will soon bring young readers aged 3-5 two of the sweetest, most beautifully illustrated children’s books that have ever come across my desk – Bruni’s Big Adventure and One for the Books.

Join Olaf and his new pal Bruni from Frozen 2 as they go on an adventure through the Enchanted Woods in Bruni’s Big Adventure.

Taking place after Frozen 2, Bruni’s Big Adventure is a beautifully illustrated picture book (illustrations by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay) taking young readers on an adventure to discover what Olaf and Bruni are up to in the Enchanted Woods. Is Elsa keeping a watchful eye on them to ensure that they are behaving? Or are they running amuck on their own?

In One for the Books, illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team, Olaf has learned to read and it is one of his favorite past times (in addition to giving warm hugs). He frequently visits the Arendelle library and basks in all the wonderful books. 

When he and Anna learn that the library will be closed during the librarian’s trip out of town, Olaf is left wondering how he will spend his time. But Anna nominates Olaf as substitute librarian… and the librarian happily accepts!

Olaf transforms the library into an adventure wonderland for all the children of Arendelle – and families line up just to visit! Thanks to Olaf’s hard work (and creative decor), the library becomes a hotspot for Arendelle readers, young and old alike.

Bruni’s Big Adventure is on sale July 28, 2020. One for the Books is on sale September 1, 2020.