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Disney CEO Bob Chapek says masks likely for guest and cast members when Disneyland and Walt Disney World reopen

Although Shanghai Disneyland reopened on May 11, we still don’t know what Disney’s timeline for reopening more of its theme parks is. However, thanks to a recent interview with Disney CEO Bob Chapek on CNBC, we have an idea of what he’s thinking about in terms timeline and guidelines.

As outlined in the Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer’s report, Chapek confirmed that he expects both guests and cast members to wear masks in the parks. He does imply that the cultural issues in the United States might present some issues.

Chapek also addressed how quickly attendance at Shanghai Disney might increase saying that they might increase by 5,000 additional guests every week or so if local officials allow it.

Watch the full interview:

Disney is already selling Disney character themed masks online and we expect to see them at Disney Springs once some retail stores reopen. This will help make wearing masks more acceptable, we think.

5 thoughts on “Disney CEO Bob Chapek says masks likely for guest and cast members when Disneyland and Walt Disney World reopen”

  1. I want to know how this is going to be enforced…the guests…I have people on a Disney facebook group already whining that they will not wear masks and no body is going to make them! As a high risk senior who loves Disney World and has missed going…I will wear a mask but what about others? How does this work exactly if they say wear them for entrance then take them off once inside? I can’t be constantly worried that these brats who refuse to follow simple rules could actually be responsible for my death.

    1. These “simple rules” are really not all that simple. Young children and some people with special needs physically will not be able to wear masks. Not because they are “brats” but because they just can’t. I doubt Disney will not allow them in. Unfortunately, the elderly and immuno-compromised may not be able to visit with any degree of safety until there is a vaccine.

  2. I will wear them gladly if it gets the parks opened. I’m sorry but if a guest does not comply ask them to leave.

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